After the outstanding day lived on January 6 at the “Carita Feliz” kitchen, we were and are still left wanting to be able to hold an event to share street culture that can help spread the amazing underground artists that are within the community.

For this reason, we are glad to announce the development of the “Baby Bitcoin Urban Festival”, the first urban festival 100% carried out by a token for its community. With this project, we can focus on creating a cultural event that also creates a benefit for the children as entrance to the event is completely free of charge.

The tickets were exchanged for a bag of food or for a bag of cleaning supplies. We made this request from the BBTC organization in order to continue helping the people who work and the children who eat every day in the dining room “Carita Feliz”.

The event will be held on January 23 at “El Emergente” located at 1030 Francisco Acuña de Figueroa Street, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The show will start at 6:00 p.m. and will feature great artists from the Rap scene such as Fianru, the artist who will lead the Line Up, Mir Nicolás, Lego Skillz, Varoner and the DJ in charge of the event will be Olivia MTK.

Baby Bitcoin’s ideology is to give and receive, and above all to be able to give to those who need us the most. With this in mind, we seek to create symbiosis between urban artists, the workers at the kitchen and the children from the kitchen as well as a show for all rap lovers who can’t miss it. Once again, BBTC at the forefront of an original and transcendental idea to help those who need it the most.